Flint Evangelism Event Trailier (F.E.E.T.)

  • The FEET is available for use by all supporting Flint River Baptist Association Churches. The deposit is $100 and will be refunded after use, provided the trailer is in the same clean and orderly condition it was sent in.

  • The rental fee is $50 per use.

  • Renting churches must have a Certificate of Insurance on file with the FRBA.

  • The FEET may be picked up or returned Monday-Thursday between 9:30am-3:30pm.

  • Contents

A complete "block party" or other outreach event in a trailer for use by our Association churches.

Large Smoker Grill                                                  Large & Small Moonwalk Blow-Ups

Popcorn Booth (Uses 6 oz Corn charge, 1.6-2 oz Oil charge, 1 Tablespoon Flavacol)

Cotton Candy Machine (Uses pre-mixed commercial cotton candy floss & cones)

Snow-Cone Machine (Uses pre-mixed snow-cone flavors & cups)

Carnival Games                                                       CD Player with Speakers

Board Games                                                           Microphones with Stands

Four Canopy Tents                                                  Large Generator

Two Ice Chests                                                        Two 5-Gallon Drink Dispensers

Six 6-Foot Tables                                                    All Electrical Cords

Twelve Folding Chairs                                            Six Storage Bins & Bungee Cords


This trailer requires a 2" ball for towing. For more information download brochure here.

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